Your Dogs Best Friend - Boarding Kennel & Grooming Salon & Pet Waste Removal

Words cannot explain the bond you share with your pet.  When you care that much, you go to great lengths to ensure your companion receives comforting, safe and respectful care.  
You must trust that the person caring for your pet shares the same commitment as you.

      Our vision is to create a safe and loving place for your pets when you are not around.  We have 20 indoor/outdoor runs, each run has a raised bed, rug, and raised food dishes.  There are also resting benches outside.  Soothing background music is provided.  We offer deluxe suites for the discriminating dog.  Each suite has a different bed, especially chosen for your dog.  Your pet will eat from raised dining dishes and watch their favorite show on Animal Planet. 
 The Cattery was designed especially with our feline creatures in mind.   Our cat condos 
house from one to three cats each.  They have built in litter boxes and portholes to their 
bedrooms where they have soft fleece to sleep on every night.

 First class service in a fun and friendly atmosphere that your furry friend will love.

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